June 5, 2007
The Power of Dynamic Warehousing Webcast

See how the new IBM DB2 Warehouse offers unprecedented simplification in the deployment, integration and maintenance of a data warehouse; more details

Financial Analysis & Contract Negotiation

Tired on relying on expensive ELA’s to try and solve your software asset management woes? Let us help you better use what you currently own and minimize your future expenditures!

Many customers today engage in software vendor ELA’s in hopes of securing deep discounts. While this is a sound concept, a lot of times this results in large amounts of “shelf ware” that tend to negate perceived savings. As a result, customers are actually paying close to list prices and incur unnecessary and costly maintenance charges. SSG can help you to harvest your underutilized software assets, ensure your maintenance charges are accurate and negotiate deep discounts based on how you are using your software assets!

Our Financial Analysis service consists of:

  • Invoice Validation: Ensuring that all maintenance charges map accurately to existing invoices
  • Entitlement Assurance: Documenting all software product entitlement by software vendor
  • Entitlement Mapping: A complete mapping by software vendor of all current maintenance costs to their respective purchase document. Included are all product migrations and product retirements
  • Harvesting: A detailed listing of underutilized software assets that can provide value to your organization through trade-in or an alternative allocation
  • Cost-Saving Recommendations: Recommendations to reduce software costs that are specific to your unique operating environment

Contract Negotiation

Our service professionals are very experienced at helping customers negotiate more favorable contracts with their software vendors. Our financial analysis expertise ensure that you get a “best-of-breed” discount and that you get the most value out of your existing software assets.

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