June 5, 2007
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VSAM Tuning Services

Tired of paying higher costs from outgrowing and upgrading your mainframe system?

Now there's a service that allows you to postpone your upgrades AND make your system run much more efficiently!

The Challenge

VSAM has been around for over 30 years as an extremely reliable mainframe file system and access method.  Unfortunately, this reliability has also caused it to be largely ignored from a performance tuning perspective.  In most enterprises, no one has the responsibility or the expertise to adequately monitor VSAM performance and determine how it can be systematically improved.  Over time, VSAM performance degrades for a variety of factors and this has a very negative impact on performance and causes a substantial cost burden.

SSG has teamed with an innovative services partner to bring you the most advanced and automated VSAM tuning service in the industry.

Some indicators that your VSAM may need tuning are:

  • Slow response time
  • Batch windows increasing
  • CPU utilization increasing rapidly
  • Downtime

The benefits of properly tuning your VSAM and having an optimized I/O Subsystem include:

  • Postponing mainframe CPU upgrades that cause hardware and software costs to increase dramatically
  • Smoother running applications
  • Increased productivity for all users on the mainframe system
  • Faster running batch jobs
  • Faster online response times
  • Ability to meet SLAs
  • A more efficient running data center

Free consultation!

Before you decide to upgrade your hardware or if you’re experiencing signs of system degradation, please contact us for a free consultation on how VSAM tuning can possibly assist you!  With a highly automated approach, this unique service offers an extremely high ROI and risk-free mechanism to determine the extent of how your VSAM is impacting the data center.  The initial analysis is free!

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