June 5, 2007
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Software Vendor Audit Customer Case

Client Situation:

A leading insurance company with over 10,000 employees, 10 million customers and a complex operating environment

Situation Summary:

  • Third-party software vendor contacted company informing them of their intentions to audit the enterprise
  • Company required a thorough review of all third-party and in-house applications to prepare for software audit
  • Company was unaware of how to properly minimize their third-party vendor software requirements
  • Company had goals to maximize existing software investment while minimizing future software expenditures
  • Company needed assistance to negotiate with third-party software vendor

What our Service Professional Accomplished with Software Vendor Audit:

  • Discovered that several applications were licensed incorrectly
  • Properly suggested a more advantageous license model that more accurately reflected the customer’s needs
  • Developed a successful strategy to maximize the value of existing software investment and minimize future expenditures
  • Successfully assisted customer with third-party vendor contract negotiations

Results and Benefits:

  • Successfully avoided the potential audit of third-party vendor
  • Eliminated the supposed need to acquire over two million dollars in new software licenses
  • Helped customer adopt a more advantageous software licensing portfolio
  • Achieved customer goals in three months after project inception: Customer had three internal personnel initially work on project for six months with unsatisfactory results
  • As an outsourcer, maintained proper license levels and types for customer on an on-going basis following the service